Autumn Newsletter 2019

Hello and welcome to our Autumn 2019 issue of Accelerate!!

Along with the change in season we also have been going through some exciting changes here at Peninsula Business Services Ltd.

Firstly, we are proud to introduce two new team members. They are:

Ernest Raina (Senior Accountant) Ernest will be supporting Louis Wright (Director). Ernest brings a refreshing, relaxed approach that’s a perfect fit for our clients and team, Ernest has a wealth of knowledge and a wide variety of accounting experience. Recently new to the area Ernest was exploring local opportunities to apply his experience and passion of accounting. We happily snapped him up.

Louisa Ebsworth to support reception, wages, administration and workflow. Lou and her family have lived in Whitianga for many years, are local community supporters, business owners and have great local contacts and connections.

After twelve years our wage and admin extraordinaire Lynne Sohier retired to Australia to be closer to her children and grandchildren, we miss her witty humour and sporting quips and wish her all the best for her new adventures ….Australia beware.

We are here to help you!! Not only with meeting your tax compliance obligations, but to also assist you at improving your business and lifestyle. Did you know there are some simple effect tools that we can teach that will assist your business in adding $000s to your bank account, while also freeing up your time.

This can be as simple as teaching you the value of a cash flow report, setting up modern accounting systems, a sounding board where you can express your thoughts and ideas with your accountant. These skills once understood will assist you long term.

We have structured and invested in our business to assist you with your success.


Your Team at PBS

Louis Wright (Director), Ernest Raina, Sue Forster, Gay Breeuwer, Pip Calder & Lou Ebsworth

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